Adjudication Case Studies - Tennis : Settlement Problems

We would like to draw attention to possible problems concerning the settlement of tennis wagers.

It is important that when placing bets on tennis matches that the punter is aware of the criteria regarding settlement of their bets in a match single bet or accumulator placed on a series of events where one part refers to a tennis match. This has been a regular dispute brought to IBAS during the last five years and highlights the inconsistency concerning rules that can be encountered in the sport betting arena.

Some bookmakers will state in their rules that in the event of a player retiring (for whatever reason) during a match all bets will be deemed void. While generally bookmakers will invoke the one set clause which states that as long as one set has been completed, all match bets will be settled on the player going through. Being in line with the official result - the player progressing to the next round fo the tournament being deemed the winner. So the advice is to make sure prior to placing a bet, that the settling criteria is clearly defined and not open to more than one interpretation.

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