Customer FAQ

I have a dispute with a gambling operator, can I refer it to IBAS?

You must first attempt to resolve the dispute with the operator by contacting the relevant department responsible for handling disputes. If after you have done this you remain dissatisfied, you can then refer the dispute to the Service.

Can I accept the sum offered by the bookmaker while awaiting the IBAS decision?

Yes - as long as you have not negotiated a compromise with the bookmaker. If you reach an agreement with the bookmaker we would expect both parties to honour it and agree not to take the matter further.

Is there an appeals procedure?

IBAS does not have a formal appeals procedure but we will sometimes re-visit a case if new information is provided or to explain a particular point. We will not review cases if no specific arguments are made regarding the original ruling.

How long does adjudication take?

That very much depends on the nature and complexity of the dispute and the chain of communication involved to offer an informed ruling.

Is an IBAS ruling legally enforceable?

No, they are not. However, we are in a new era now where bets are seen as binding contracts, so as an adjudication body, the independent view of the panel would have some weight in any legal dispute between a company and customer.

Can you deal with this dispute over the phone?

The nature of adjudication requires that all submissions and liaison with IBAS must take place in writing. A clear, concise record of the dispute and associated correspondence can then be validated. 

Do I receive compensation if the ruling goes in my favour?

No. Compensation is not a consideration or part of the IBAS remit. When you agree to the terms and conditions it is clearly defined that we are offering you dispute resolution procedures whilst not considering compensatory measures at all.

Can I attend any Panel meetings?

Attendance at Panel meetings would not be practical and is not part of the service offered to either party to the dispute.