Services for Operators

IBAS offer the following services for Operators:

IBAS is positioned to offer a dispute resolution service in all forms of gambling.

We recognise that bookmakers will, in most cases, attempt to resolve betting disputes with their customers. However, there will be times when recourse to a third party is imperative.

Registering with IBAS will ensure that you are declaring your company to be committed to fair play, open and transparent should the need arise for adjudication.

You will also be fulfilling a legal requirement in that you are compelled to name an external adjudication service as part of a Gambling Commission directive.

The Gambling Act 2005 represents the most significant reform of gambling law since the 1960s by legalising internet gambling and regulating betting for the first time.

The Act empowers the Gambling Commission to become the industry’s regulator, which will grant operating and personal licences for commercial gambling operators and personnel working in the industry. Regulation of gambling will be achieved through conditions on licences and codes of practice issued by the Commission.

The Commission has recognised the need for an independent body to review gambling disputes and to address these important landscape changes and new environment.

Therefore IBAS strives to deliver the highest calibre of service possible by recruiting experts in every sector ensuring that your customer base, in the event of a dispute becoming a case for adjudication, has access to the best standard of adjudication in the industry.

We seek continual improvement to the Service for the benefit of both customers and operators to ensure that IBAS remains the most effective and respected independent adjudication service to the entire UK gambling industry.

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