• Championing Fair Play - IBAS resolves disputes, promotes fair terms in gambling and encourages clear communication
  • Timely - We aim to resolve your dispute as quickly as possible
  • Open and Honest - We are truthful and direct in all our work
  • Fair and Unbiased - We always take an independent view and consider all the facts as presented
  • Clear Communication - We communicate clearly and concisely and encourage others to do the same
  • Consistent - We aim to apply consistent standards so that similar circumstances result in similar decisions
  • Professional - We act professionally in all we do, behaving ethically, with respect and integrity



  • To provide as far as possible a conclusive determination on the settlement of disputes between licensed gambling operators and their customers
  • To complete the process in the shortest timeframe possible allowing for all of the arguments and issues involved to be given appropriate examination and consideration
  • In doing so, to remove the need for the parties to enter into complex and expensive legal proceedings
  • Where IBAS is unable to adjudicate, to direct consumers to the most appropriate place for them to progress their complaint
  • To provide advice to consumers and gambling operators about how to avoid disputes
  • To assist regulators or other appropriate authorities in identifying any apparent need for regulatory intervention to prevent repeated poor industry practice


Total Value of Payments Awarded or Conceded to Customers in 2020.
Total Requests for Adjudication.