General Consumer Advice


If you find yourself in a dispute with a gambling operator, our advice is:

  • Make as much effort as practically possible to resolve the dispute directly with the operator – this is almost always quicker than trying to resolve it through IBAS.
  • Be patient, within reasonable constraints. Don’t necessarily expect the matter to be resolved overnight. Don’t send e-mails to IBAS, the Gambling Commission and the company’s CEO. That may confuse the question of who is dealing with it, and result in the process taking longer.
  • Take care to keep all records of information or evidence relating to the dispute. Some information can be very hard to recover. If you think that relevant evidence is held by the gambling operator contact them, ideally in writing, at the earliest opportunity requesting them to retain the evidence that you will believe supports your case.
  • Review the operator’s rules or terms. If you believe that an operator hasn’t stuck to them make a note of them and be sure to include that argument in your submission to IBAS. If you see a rule or term that you think conflicts with the approach taken by the company, make a note of it, copy and paste it or, where applicable, take a photograph of it. The same applies to any advert or promotion that you think is confusing or misleading.
  • If at any stage of the process, including in dealing with IBAS, you believe that you have been treated unfairly or unreasonably, seek external independent advice on the matter, perhaps from a local Citizens Advice Bureau. If you are considering pursuing a dispute through the courts, seek legal advice because the legal process can be confusing and costly.
  • You are welcome to use a third party to represent you in your dealings with IBAS. We hope that no customer should feel the need to do so. We urge you not to part with any money to anyone offering to represent you, or who offers to do so in return for a proportion of any sums that are awarded to you. Our Adjudication Panel are experienced at understanding the arguments made by customers and exploring the difficulties they have encountered. We do not treat disputes any differently just because a letter is from a solicitor or is written in ‘legalese’.
  • Making threats in correspondence with IBAS will never improve your prospects of a positive outcome. We do not concern ourselves with threats to report information to media outlets and politicians etc. if a case is not concluded to your satisfaction and any more serious threat may result in your dispute being discontinued and reported to the police.


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