Gambling-specialist Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service IBAS today launched an updated and expanded website, marking the completion of the first stage of its digital restructuring.

IBAS Managing Director, Richard Hayler said:

"I am pleased that the first stage of improving our online presence is now complete. The inflexibility of the old IBAS site meant that in some respects it became more of an embarrassment than an opportunity to showcase our work.

"We hope that visitors to the site will find more helpful and up to date information, including dispute avoidance advice for both consumers and gambling operators. We have aimed to provide more detail about our approach to considering different types of disputes and we plan to add further and updated examples of actual IBAS rulings on a variety of topics."

One change that many visitors will notice is that in order to submit a dispute, consumers will be required to create a simple password-protected account.

In the short-term, the account function will make relatively little difference to the experience of submitting a request for adjudication. However, during the first quarter of 2018, IBAS plans to enhance its service to allow both parties to each dispute to be able to log into their account in order to upload and submit evidence to support their case, respond to questions from the IBAS Adjudication Panel and to monitor the progress of their dispute and the estimated time to completion. At that stage, IBAS will begin to publish its decisions via the password protected sections of the website to ensure that both parties have access to the Panel's ruling simultaneously.


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