How IBAS works

IBAS is an impartial adjudication service for disputes between licensed gambling operators and their customers.

Before our Adjudication Panel begins to look at the detail of any dispute, they will ask you to confirm that:

  • You have made every reasonable effort possible to resolve the dispute before speaking to us

  • You agree to comply with our terms and conditions. In the case of the gambling operator, this requires registering the company with IBAS.

IBAS is User Friendly

We try to avoid or minimise ‘red tape’; there are no fees or charges to deter an applicant. Our Adjudication Panel do not hold face-to-face, courtroom-style hearings, so we require written submissions from both parties explaining the facts of the dispute.

We ask you to submit a statement (and any other photographic or other relevant evidence) either by completing an online adjudication form, or by calling our office to request a form through the post.

Adjudications are not made on the basis of which party makes a better presentation of their case. Gambling operators and their customers do not need to be concerned about the quality of presentation or writing skills. It is the role of IBAS to identify relevant issues; therefore adjudications are always based on the facts of a case and not on either of the parties' rhetoric. We only ask that statements submitted cover as many facts as you consider relevant to your dispute.



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